9. Turnitin instructions

9.1. Turnitin instructions for supervisors (TAU)

Short instructions for supervisor taking the new Turnitin area into use:  

1. You will see the new area once you sign in to TUNI Moodle. If you can't find your Turnitin area, please create a new one using Turnitin course template.

2. Open course area to students. Click Managing tools- Show course

3. Your students can access the area as follows: 

  • set the enrolment key and send it to your students, so they can enrol as users of your course area (Managing tools – Set enrolment key)
  • OR select the students manually (Managing tools – Participants)
    (If you can't find the student from Moodle users, please ask the student to log in to TUNI Moodle first)

4. There are two Turnitin tools available in the TUNI Moodle: 

  1. Create report about your manuscript: Students can freely use this Turnitin tool while they are still writing their thesis.
  2. Final originality check: Once the student and supervisor agree that the thesis is finished, the student submits the thesis to this Turnitin tool. The supervisor reviews the originality report. 

5. Bachelor’s degrees and master's degrees: If the supervisor serves as the thesis examiner, he or she will confirm that the thesis has undergone an originality check by making a note of it in the examination statement. Doctoral degrees: Inform faculty staff who coordinate the preparations ahead of the award of doctoral degrees of the required Turnitin originality check in accordance with the policy of your faculty.   

Inquiries about Turnitin: it-helpdesk@tuni.fi

Please direct other questions about theses to educational administrators in your faculty.