9. Turnitin instructions

9.2. Turnitin instructions for students

Quick guide for students: :

1. Each thesis supervisor has their own Turnitin area "Turnitin (Name of the supervisor)" in TUNI Moodle. The supervisor is responsible for adding students to his/her Turnitin area (Moodle course). The supervisor can give the students a course key, which the student can use to enroll the correct course. Supervisors can also enroll their own students directly in their course. In this case, the course is visible to the student as soon as he or she logs in to Moodle. If you do not see your supervisor's Turnitin area among your own courses in Moodle, please contact your thesis supervisor.

2. There are two Turnitin tools in the Moodle course:

    1. Create report about your manuscript: Students can use this Turnitin tool freely during the writing process to receive an originality report from draft versions.
    2. Final originality check: When the student and the supervisor agree that the work is complete, the student uploads his/her work to this Turnitin tool and the supervisor reviews the Turnitin report.

Submitting your own file to the Turnitin tool:

When you click on the Turnitin tool in the Moodle course, you will see date restrictions specified for the Turnitin tool on the page that opens. Below that is a row for your own submission. If you have not yet submitted any file to that tool, the row is empty, but on the right side of it you will see the "Submit Paper" text and an icon. Clicking that link you can upload your document file to Turnitin. 

Please note that Turnitin generates only one report per day. After new submission you need to wait the report until next day.

Submit Paper link for submitting file to Turnitin.

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