6. Quick guide for teachers

6.12. Allow enrolment without key


Self-enrolment without enrolment key is not needed if TUNI Moodle course has been created in Sisu (Tampere University) or Peppi (TAMK) and students are enrolled to the implementation in Sisu or Peppi.



If TUNI Moodle course has been created manually to "Other" category:


Enable self-enrolment without enrolment key


  • Go to your course > switch to Participant tab > open Enrolled users drop-down menu > select Enrolment methods

Course's Participant tab, drop-down menu Enrolled users


  • Enable self-enrolment (Student) > Click closed eye icon
  • If you need more advanced options > Click cog wheel icon next to eye icon


Now all TUNI Moodle users can enrol in course without enrolment key.