Quick instructions

5. Quick guide for teachers

5.7. Delete course

For now, it's recommended that student assignments and other materials should be preserved one year after the assessment. New Tampere universities records management policy in under work and will be published during 2020, so these instructions will be updated later.

Teacher should delete courses with student data from Moodle if one year has been passed since the course has been actively used. For example it is over one year since the last assignment has been submitted or assessed. 

If there are more than one teacher in the Moodle course, please verify from other teachers that the course can be deleted. 

Move course to trashbin

Go to the course area > Select from Managing tools >Move course to trashbin 

Move course to trashbin

After the course has been moved to trashbin it will be available 30 days in trashbin and after that the course will be permanently deleted.

When a course is moved to trashbin the course is also automatically hidden from students. In addition, course will be hidden from teachers My courses -listing. If needed, teachers in the course can still access the course from My courses -listing > Show  settings > Trashbin/to be deleted courses

If you accidentally moved a course to the trashbin, contact IT Helpdesk.

Copy course contents from course to be deleted to another course

Instructions: Copy course (import)