Quick instructions

4. Quick guide for teachers

4.4. Set enrolment key

By default, students can't enrol in courses without enrolment key (self-registration is disabled).


Set enrolment key

  • Managing tools > Set enrolment key

  • Enrolment key can be e.g. just a single word. You do not have to use numbers or special characters.
  • After you have set the enrolment key, you can check what the key is by clicking: Managing tools > Check enrolment key
  • Then you can publish the course area (show course) and share the enrolment key and URL to the course area, so students can enrol in course.

Delete enrolment key

  • Managing tools > Check enrolment key
  • Set empty enrolment key. If enrolment key is empty, users can't enrol in course area by themselves. If you want allow all TUNI Moodle users to enroll your course area without enrolment key, check instructions "Allow enrolment without key".