Quick instructions

6. Quick guide for teachers

6.7. Managing tools

You find the most common settings on the right side of the course page under the Managing tools heading:

Managing tools

  • Hide course / Show course: Here you can open your course to students. The color indicates whether the area is open or hidden: red = hidden or green = open.
  • Turn editing on / Turn editing off: Displays the editing tools and allows you to add materials and tools to the area.
  • Edit course settings: General information about the course, e.g. start and end times and course format.
  • Set enrolment key / Check enrolment key: You can set a key that students will use to register themselves into your course. There is no need to set a course key if all students are automatically added to the course from Sisu or Peppi.
  • Participants: You can view the list of participants in the area, add and remove participants, and change their roles.
  • Course grading: You can view the gradebook of the course, where the grades you have given for the assignments and exams are stored.
  • View as Student: You can view the course in student view.
  • Move course to trashbin: To delete a course, move it to trashbin, where it will be permanently deleted after 30 days.