Quick instructions

5. Quick guide for teachers

5.3. Copy course (import)

Copy contents from one course to another within TUNI Moodle

You can copy content from your old course to a new empty course.

  • Go to your empty Moodle course
  • Select from top menu > Import
Import content

  • Find your old course to import content from > Select the course > Continue
Import data from course

  • Next
  • Uncheck News forum (already in the new course) and other content you don't need
  • Next
  • Import
  • Wait until the import is done, importing a large course can take several minutes

Additional notes:

  • If the new course contains Echo360 or Panopto activities (linked videos) setup a new link between the activity and video by clicking the activity
  • All other activities in the new course are copies from the old course, so you may need to edit e.g. assignment dates, links to internal course materials and so on
  • Note that course settings are not copied from the old course to the new one, so you may need to change them manually. Important settings to check: participants, enrollment key, course format, number of sections, course name

Copy course area from old Moodle to new TUNI Moodle

  • Go to old Moodle (e.g. to TUT Moodle, UTA Moodle or TAMK Tabula Moodle) and go to your course
  • Take backup from your course:  Settings-block >Course administration > Backup
  • Include to the backup only the following: activities and resources, blocks, question bank
  • Do not include enrolled users!
  • Save the backup file temporarily into your computer
  • Delete the backup file from Moodle
  • Go to new TUNI Moodle
  • Create new empty course
  • Restore from backup: Go to the empty course you created > Select menu from upper right corner > Restore
  • Select from backup destination: Restore into this course > Merge the backup course into this course
    (NOTE! Do NOT select "Delete the contents of this course and then restore", as it will delete self-registration feature from the course and you will have to add it back manually from Enrolment methods -page.)