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Other courses: Create new course by yourself
  • Create new course to 'Other' category
    You need the Course Creator role in the 'Other' course category. Request the needed user rights at https://id.tuni.fi/ 
    1. Identity management →
    2. Manage your own user rights →
    3. Apply for a new user right →
    4. Browse or search IT > Moodle learning platform > Moodle learning platform (TUNI-Moodle) Course creator and click Choose.
    5. Your new user rights will become valid in Moodle in about one hour. You will not receive a separate notification that your rights have been activated.
The management of course creator rights was transferred to TUNI account management in June 2024. If you had the right to create courses before, you will have to request for it again from id.tuni.fi.


Last modified: Tuesday, 18 June 2024, 9:15 AM