Archived state introduced for Panopto videos

Archived state introduced for Panopto videos

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Videos that have not been watched for more than 18 months were archived in Panopto. An archived video cannot be watched immediately, but any viewer can restore the video to active with a max. 48h delay. The reason for introducing archiving is the change in Panopto’s pricing principles in 2024.

Remember that Panopto has had an automatic deletion rule for videos that have not been watched once in the last three years from the beginning. Panopto does not send notifications to video owners about archiving video or advance warnings about deletions, so check Panopto's Archive and also Recycle Bin from time to time. Panopto is not intended for video storage, long-term storage of videos must be done elsewhere, for example on a network drive, OneDrive or an external hard drive.

Some of the videos in your course video folders and personal My Folder may have moved to Archived view over the weekend if the video has not been watched once in 18 months. You can restore the video to active as both a teacher and a student with a max 48 hour delay. Remember to watch the restored video for at least a few seconds so that the video does not end up in archive again.

Previously, Panopto’s automatic video deletion moved a video that had not been watched for 3 years to Panopto’s Recycle Bin. After introducing archiving, the same deletion rule applies to videos in Archive. The difference is now that deleting a video in Archive destroys the video immediately, the video does not go to the Recycle Bin. Because you do not see from the archived video  when it was last viewed and therefore cannot estimate the automatic deletion date, restore all the videos you need in the future from the Archived view of the video folder or System > Archived summary view.

If you want to make sure that a certain video does not end up in Archived and later deleted, watch the video for a few seconds.

More information: Panopto video retension time