Moodle course templates available for teachers

Moodle course templates available for teachers

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Ready-made course templates will be taken in use on November 15 in TUNI Moodle to help teachers design the structure of the course. When, after this functionality is enabled, you create a new Moodle course in Sisu, Peppi, or manually and go to your new course for the first time as a teacher, Moodle offers you three options to build the course.

Choose one of the options to start building the course.

  1. Choose one of the ready-made default templates to structure your own course.
  2. Copy one of your old courses as the basis for the new course.
  3. If you want to start from a completely empty course, go to editing the course settings and change the course format.

The ready-made course templates are

  • Default template (Grid)
  • Default template (Collapsed topics)
  • Seminar
  • Turnitin

Each template is designed to have a clear structure from which information and materials can be easily found. The templates are intended as a model for creating a course, but you are free to customize all the templates to suit your own course needs.

At each template you will find a link to its instructions.

Instructions how to use course templates